A NEW ERA HAS BEGUN Prologue Year 2128, the Earth's resources have ran out, and mankind started to seek for planet with full of resources.
Due to the breakdown of the "ESR-27" spacecraft that was being explored, it crash-landed to a non-space station.
A strong light was visible from the sandy ground because of the crashed spaceship. And we found the'GOLDEFY'
Goldefy Introduction GoldeFy is a game inspired by the movie Avatar. You can collect and raise a fantasy creature named Goldy who lives on the planet GoldeFy. In addition to collecting and nurturing, a team of 2 Goldy can automatically mine tokens and participate PVP battles. You can also buy, sell, breed and trade Goldy with others in our market.


Goldy” is the nft character in ‘ Goldefy’. As living beings who lived in the ‘Goldefy’ world, they accepted human civilization and became friends who shared friendship with humanity. 


What is Goldefy?

Goldefy” is the first decentralized blockchain-based mining game platform where you can buy NFT characters and NFT estate ,enjoy PVP battle, mine gold and gems for actual profit.Goldefy is a combination of idle game and mining game, all merged by blockchain and NFT technologies. This will be the new leading trend among NFT game market due to low barrier of entry and easily get used to the system.


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